Zhiyu Lin, Ph.D.

Zio Lin / Chih-yuu Lin



I'm Zhiyu Lin, a Postdoctoral Scholar at Computational Media, Baskin Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz

I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology, where I affiliated with Entertainment Intelligence Laboratory and advised by Dr. Mark Riedl.

My distinct combination of engineering expertise, leadership skills, and experience in studying humans and AIs both quantitatively and qualitatively to build algorithms and frameworks with human values in the center of the stage makes me distinct from other researchers. They enable me to study how humans and AI, as an assemblage, can achieve beyond either humans or AI themselves, through the lens of mixed-initiative, co-creativity, human-centered AI, and computational co-creativity.

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This framework makes mixed-initiative, co-creativity research easy!

Beyond prompts, how do more ways to communicate intents matter?

Research Projects

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How should an AI support mixed-initiative co-creative experiences, enabling the creation of contents that are superior to what either human or AI could produce on their own?

How should an AI adapt to changes by detecting novelties, learning from them, and seek for help from human when needed?

How should creative AI know how to collaborate with human, while learning to take multi-modal inspirations?

My Life

When I'm not at work, I enjoy jogging, cycling, visiting places, techno/electro music. I usually act as @xxbidiao (lit. Mini Pidgeot) on the web. 

I enjoy playing video games (especially RPGs and Rhythm Action Games) as I research them, keep thinking what is the best way for a player to co-create a living world with AI, so that they will always find their game of the year! :)